Product Care

Your Baobei piece will look the best and last the longest if you take care of it correctly. Be gentle and store your necklace in a dry and dark place. The LOCLAIRE silk pouch is a perfect place to keep your necklace when you're not wearing it.

Your necklace will thrive if it stays away from water, salty air, chlorine, humidity, sweat, fragrances, make up and cleaning products - pretty much anything with moisture! Never submerge your necklace in any liquid. 

Give your beads a polish with a microfibre cloth or jewlery cloth (not a tissue or paper towel) for that extra shine. For glass beads, spray a small amount of glass cleaner onto a microfibre cloth and gently polish the beads.

If you have any questions, faults or worries about your Baobei piece please reach out through